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Project title: Skylark Garden Centre – Castle Activity Centre & BBQ Grill

Objective: The ‘Castle Activity Centre & BBQ Grill’ project seeks to enhance Skylark Garden Centre

as a family leisure attraction. The Castle Activity Centre will be attractive for families with young children whilst the BBQ grill will provide added catering facilities and ease pressure on existing facilities at peak times. Overall the project seeks to increase visitor numbers and provide an improved visitor experience.

Short summary of the project: This project will enhance the visitor experience and help to develop our growing tourism attraction. The Activity Centre will be based around the attractions current story of helping the farmer to save his crops from the ‘Pesky Pigeons’ one of the pigeon characters is a pirate and one is the king pigeon so the new piece of equipment will either be a castle or a pirate ship to help fit in with this story. The equipment will provide a real focal point for visitors and will include a very high slide for the older children, a lower slide for the younger children and a double slide for the children to enjoy with their parents. The new equipment will offer a new visitor attraction to our business, encouraging visitors to stay longer.

The BBQ Grill will increase the facilities available providing outside catering. It will also relieve the popular café that can provide a different range of refreshments that appeal to different client groups.