Frequently asked questions...

King Coop's Slide - Over 5s only

Everything you ever wanted to know about Skylark, but were afraid to ask!

Summer Maize Maze and Funyard

Are there any other charges once you’ve paid for entry?

No, once you have paid your entrance price all our activities are included.

What activities are included?

Giant Maize Maze – Get lost in the twist and turns of a brand new annual design.

Mini-Maze – For little legs to enjoy all the fun of the maze but a little less walking!

Our BRAND NEW King Coop’s Castle – 3 Super Slides in an amazing wooden castle to slip down and enjoy. Over 5s only.

Pesky Pigeon Tractor Ride with added Super Soaker fun – This hugely fun ride is perfect for all ages.

Pig Racing – If yours wins, take your place in our weaners enclosures!

Go Karting – Race your siblings around the track, loser buys the ice creams.

Jumping pillow – Grab the family and see who can jump the highest!

Scarecrow smash – Cover your ears, this gets loud!

Den Building – Become Bear Grills and be one with nature.

Jungle bouncy castle – Non-stop bouncing fun – watch out there might be tigers!

Zip Wire – zoom through the sky on our super long zip wire.

BRAND NEW, The Beach BBQ Grill– A good variety of delicious foods as well as all the fun of the seaside – Buckets, spades, sand and relaxing deck chairs.

What do we do in the maze?

Before you enter the maze you will be briefed on the challenge that awaits you inside. You will each get a game card explaining what you will have to do once inside the maze.

What if we get lost?

We have dedicated “searchers” patrolling the maze to help find lost souls! You can also buy a map of the maze to use just in case of emergencies!

Why is the maze only open for the summer & autumn?

Maize is an annual crop, which means it grows from seed that matures and dies within one season. This means we plant it in May, cut the pathways in June, open once it is big enough to get lost in July, then we have to harvest it in November before it dies! We then plough the field and start again with a new design next year. Perhaps you could send us your designs to help us for next year?

What happens if the weather conditions are bad, for example, rain?

Sometimes the weather does affect our opening times, we may have to delay opening or sometimes not open at all. However, the rain could affect health and safety but cold weather can still be fun with a coat and wellies! Please call 01354 741212 to check we are open before you set off.

Are dogs allowed in the Maze and Funyard?

Sorry, no dogs are allowed except guide dogs in the Maze and Funyard. They are allowed in the garden centre, on the cafe patio and the cafe garden which is adjacent to the Funyard. We also have a large field to the rear of the main site where you are welcome to walk your dog. Please sign in and out at the main garden centre.

Week of Wickedness

Is the Maze open?

Yes, the Maze will be transformed to have a more spooky appearance and you will be able to explore the twists and turns of the maze wondering whats behind every corner!

What activities are on

*Pumpkin Picking

*Pumpkin Carving

*A themed children’s show in our warm marque

*Fancy dress parade

And all our usual favourite including …

Pesky Pigeon Tractor Ride with added Nerf Gun fun

Our BRAND NEW King coop’s Castle – 3 Super Slides in an amazing wooden castle to slip down and enjoy.

Pig Racing – Cheer on your favourite

Go Karting – Race around the track like Ghostbusters

Jumping pillow – Grab the family and see who can jump the highest!

Scarecrow smash – take aim at those naughty pumpkin faces

Den Building – Be brave in that haunted wood,

Jungle bouncy castle – Nonstop bouncing fun – watch out there might be tigers!

Zip Wire – zoom through the sky on our super long zip wire.

Are there extra changes for the actives?

No, all activities are included with your Halloween ticket and pumpkins are just £2 (That’s less than the supermarkets!)

Can we carve on-site?

Yes, you will have all the tools and help you need here in the carving marquee and better still we clean up the mess!

Where is there to eat?

Our delicious BBQ Grill will be open serving up all your favourite foods as well as hot and cold drinks and if you need somewhere to warm up our Garden Centre café will be delighted to welcome you in and serve you up something tasty!








Easter Funyard

Is the Funyard open?

Yes, all our brilliant usual Summer activities will be on as well as a fantastic comedy and magic show in our marquee.

Can we go in the Maize Maze?

No, unfortunately, the Maize Maze won’t be grown in time for Easter but there will still be lots of fun to be had.

What happens if it rains?

The weather can sometimes change our opening time – we sometimes have to delay opening or at worse not open altogether. We will only close if health and safety is a risk, however, we believe on cold days families can still have fun wearing coats and wellies.

Do you have to book lamb feeding?

Yes, when you arrive at the Funyard please state you would like to feed the Lambs and we shall book you in. Lamb Feeding is one of our most popular activities so we would advise you to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

How long does it take to feed the lambs

It doesn’t take long. Our little lambs are always hungry and they can guzzle a bottle of milk anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes!

What sort of show will be on?

We aim for a show that will have your children rolling on the floor laughing whilst wowing the adults with intriguing magic tricks.

Christmas Grotto

Will my child have time on their own with Father Christmas

Yes, your child along with their family will be ushered in to see the man himself and will have a great amount of time to talk to Father Christmas about what they hope to receive this Christmas.

What activities are on

Your child will enjoy meeting the Christmas elves, having a sing-along, making reindeer food, Build a bear, and doing festive colouring.

Do my children get given a gift?

All children who see Father Christmas will receive a golden coin which will entitle them to any toy they like from Father Christmas’ toy shop. They will also have the opportunity to swap their golden coin for a Make-a-Bear, letting them stuff and bring to life their own cuddly friend.

Is it outside?

No, our whole Christmas event is in our purpose-built indoor grotto – nice and cosy.